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Commissioning a mosaic

Although I produce work for sale as off-the-shelf pieces, I feel that working closely with a client on a commissioned piece offers something more special for both the client and me. A mosaic commission can lead to a work of art that reflects the client, the artist and the place in which it is to be seen.

This page gives an overview of the process involved in commissioning an artwork from Richard Rowland Mosaics.


Getting the ball rolling

Use the contact page to contact me directly or leave your details for me to get back to you.  

(You can contact me with any questions, to enquire about an off-the-shelf mosaic or to discuss commissioning a work.)

We will discuss what you want and your budget and I can offer advice and suggestions so that between us we can develop a brief for your commission.  The brief can be as simple or as detailed as you like - the briefest brief I have had is “blue” so if you want to go for that record you will have to limit yours to less than four letters!

If it is appropriate, I will arrange a visit to discuss your needs and inspect the site for your mosaic.



Once we have agreed on the brief, I will start the design by coming up with some rough design ideas.  I will talk these through with you to decide on two or three options that I will work up into detailed designs.

The detailed designs will then be reviewed with you.  We will discuss the designs, options for materials, colours, etc, the impact of various options on price and any other alterations you may like.  

We now have an agreed design for your artwork.


Cost and payment

If you have a set budget, I will design a mosaic that meets it.  Otherwise, you will be given an estimated cost for your mosaic during our discussions to create the brief.  This is not a final cost as that will depend on the design you choose for your piece.  

Once the design phase is compete you will be quoted a final cost for your commission.  Provided you do not request any changes to the design, materials or installation of your mosaic, this price will not change and any overrun will be borne by Richard Rowland Mosaics.

If you want to make any changes to your commission after you have been quoted a price, we will discuss the changes and the impact on the cost.  Once agreed you will be given a revised price.

For larger commissions, I will request phased payments.  For example, you could be given a cost for undertaking the design phase, a deposit to be paid before starting construction and a final payment to be made on completion.  Payment for smaller commissions will normally be accepted as a single payment due on completion of the commission.  This will be discussed during development of the brief.



Once the brief, design and budget are agreed the materials will be gathered and work will begin on making the mosaic.  You can read more about the process of making mosaics here.

You can be sure that great care and attention to detail will go into the building and at the end of the process you will have a beautiful mosaic.


Delivery and Installation

When your mosaic is completed, I will contact you to arrange for delivery and installation in accordance with the brief.



Mosaics are very hardy and long lived and should need minimal maintenance but I am happy to be contacted anytime after completion of your commission for advice on, or to arrange to undertake, cleaning, repair or anything thing else relating to your mosaic.


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